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An ideal place to get some pampering for you while children builds the castle in the sandbox!

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Get ready for the evening concert with a pampering massage!

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Velencei Vízi Vár

Slip off the slide! Straight on the massage bed!

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What you always needed...

You have found many things on the beach so far:

  • sunshine

  • cooling waves

  • fried fish

  • beer

But something was missing so far...

From now you can enjoy the relaxing massage directly on the waterfront, even in the sunset or sunrise!

Meet with our masseurs

Ágnes Jakab

Ágnes Jakab


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Kinga Károlyi

Kinga Károlyi


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Other services

Children massage

Bring your child to a refreshing massage! After that 1-2 hours of rest is guaranteed :)

Precise start

We always start with the exact time. Just get there in time :)

Discreet placement

Every massage is done in a curtained tent, so the shy ones don't have to miss the opportunity!

Card payment

You can also pay for the massage by credit card, you do not have to bring the whole wallet.


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